Pane Panelle (Stuzzicheria) | May 26, 2012

Lunch: TriBeCa, New York, NY

It was pouring rain, and I was supposed to meet my father for lunch. He recommended Pane Panelle (Stuzzicheria) so I told him I would meet him there. I asked when they opened because it was a little before noon, and they answered “no, noon.” So I was a little deterred from their service as I was forced to wait outside in the rainstorm for 15 minutes until they opened.

It was, however, a rustic and adorable place to have lunch. The sandwiches to order had ingredients I had not even fathomed could be between bread. I ended up ordering their signature sandwich, the “pane panelle.” The freshly baked roll was had a similar consistency and sweetness to a brioche.  This sandwiched fried chickpea crisps which then warmed and melted the fresh ricotta onto the sweet and fluffy bread.  It came with a sauteed and marinated eggplant salad with pine nuts.  This was delicious as it added a freshness and Mediterranean flair to the rest of the Italian meal which was wonderful, but mainly “carby.”  It was light, fast and fantastic, however I do wish the sandwich had more than just those two ingredients; oftentimes when I order a sandwich, even if it only has two ingredients in the description, it comes with some sort of staple vegetable i.e. tomato, lettuce, etc–this did not.


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